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A healing and therapeutic massage that brings heart and kind spirit to every session.

Each session starts with a conversation about the client’s medical history and current well-being in order to personalize the treatment. The light touch utilized in Manual Lymph Drainage is designed to move the skin in specific directions in order to stretch and stimulate the opening of the initial lymphatics just below the surface of the skin.

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Warm and Inviting So You Can Relax

A clean, comfortable, professional office where privacy and confidentiality are maintained. At Westlake Lymphatic Health and Wellness Center you’ll find an inviting and supportive space to energize and renew you. To help you navigate and claim your own wellness.

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The Medical Benefit of Massage

Reduces swelling and speeds healing by moving fluid from injured or damaged lymphatic areas to healthy/intact ones. (lymphedema, post-surgery, injuries, chronic venous insufficiency)

Removes waste products, toxins, bacteria, protein molecules and foreign substances from the tissues. Boosts the immune system by speeding up the transport of bacteria and allergens to the lymph nodes, our body’s defense system

Reduces pain in 3 ways: by moving pain mediators out of the tissues, removing excess fluid that can press on pain receptors, and by the Gate Theory of Pain, where touch receptors are stimulated by the rhythmic Manual Lymphatic Drainage strokes which overtake the signals sent by pain receptors.

Has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, inducing a deep relaxed state.

the "heart" of our business

Inspired to Care

Owner Cassandra Bradford is driven to bring heart to every client interaction. She carefully trains every therapist of our team to bring a heart-centered approach to each client interaction. More than just a highly-skilled healthcare practitioner specializing in lymphatic drainage therapy and massage techniques, Bradford is truly the “heart” of our business.

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in our clients' words

“I wasn’t a believer at first. Because the touch was so light. Then I could feel the release and tingling in my legs and arms. The next day after the session all of my bruising was gone. It was amazing!”

margaret w

in our clients' words

“Cassandra and her team at Westlake Lymphatic Health and Wellness Center are amazing. They truly care for clients in a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. I went in before surgery and post-surgery with immediate lessening of swelling and bruising.”

Lynn C

in our clients' words

“I wanted to thank you again SO SO much for taking so much time with me the other day. I can tell a definite improvement in how I feel today! You’re so awesome!”

Sara B